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List of all achievements from 2019 till date


S/N Project Name Status
1 Policy Framework and Blueprint   Oyo State has an ICT policy that guides all civil servants in their various MDAs on the use of ICT infrastructure made available to them.
Oyo State has also passed the harmonized fibre infrastructure policy.
2 Creation of Official Oyo State Web Portal  Oyo State has a standard, up-to-date web portal which can be accessed at It contains custom webpages for all MDAs in the State with their dedicated URLs linked to the” Thewebsite is updated frequently with
information from all MDAs. The website allows the public to:
a) View the budget allocated in a year for different sectors and drop suggestions regarding the budgetary process.
b) View list of all projects,
directory of notable places in the State, list of members of the judiciary, legislature and executive arms, and bills and laws accessed by the State House of Assembly.c) Allows visitors get up-to-date news about any State Government parastatal. d) The website allows users report issues (see picture of website homepage in fig 1 below).
3 Oyo State NITDA’s NDPR Compliance  The Federal Government through NITDA in 2019, mandated that all State Governments become Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) compliant.
Oyo State has worked with a licensed Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO) in order to complete the processes for NDPR compliance in all MDAs.
The State also makes sure that only contractors that are NDPR compliant can work on projects that deal with sensitive data of residents.
The Oyo State Government has been actively participating in the annual National Council Meeting.
4  The Oyo State Government has been actively participating in the annual National Council Meeting.  Collaboration with Oracle Academy for Programming Language Training for All Oyo State Secondary Schools’ Computer Teachers: The state collaborated with Oracle Academy to train over 40 computer Science teachers in State-owned secondary schools in January,
2021. The teachers in turn are to train their students in their respective schools. Collaboration with Tech4DEV: The State is collaborating with Tech4dev to conduct basic digital literacy training for men and women in rural clusters, people living with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.
5 Procurement of Computers and peripherals The State equipped Civil Servant with 1100 computers, printers and UPSes to enable them carry out their duties efficiently and effectively as part of the key components of the e-Governance drive of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde’s administration
6  State-wide digital productivity tools (Microsoft licenses). FEBRUARY 2021   Development of State-Wide Digital Productivity Tools for Collaboration and Effective Digital Communication and Microsoft Licenses–Provision of up to 30,000 email addresses for government workers linked to the “Oyostatedomain.govname. Then use of official email addresses is mandatory for all staff (civil servants & political appointees).The availability of Microsoft licenses which will enable access to emails, Teams virtual meeting platform for meetings especially in a COVID-19 pandemic era and other useful Microsoft applications, such as Outlook, Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote (plus Access and Publisher for PC only) for enhanced productivity.
7 Digital Skills and Productivity Tools Training for Civil Servants and Political Appointee  This project was born out of the need for the Civil Servants in the State to efficiently put to good use the computer devices and other ICT infrastructures provided. The acquisition of State-Wide Digital productivity tools for Collaboration and effective
Digital communication as well as Microsoft Licenses (Office 365) is for all government workers in or out of the State secretariat. The license gives access to all Office 365 tools (Outlook, PowerPoint,Word, etc.) and a virtual meeting platform (Microsoft Teams) which is essential for mobile collaboration especially in the post COVID-19 era. As a result of this acquisition, all Oyo State government workers are assigned an official
email address with an “” extension for work activities which will give the Government an oversight on these accounts.
8 Biometric registration for Oyo State Tertiary Institutions’ Staff  The Oyo State Biometric registration for Tertiary Institutions’ Staff was conducted in a bid to greatly reduce fictitious expenditure, revenue leakages and reckless spending among the tertiary institutions. This registration will also help save cost, prevent any form of impersonation amongst staff, ghost working and theft of time. Upon conclusion of the exercise, the State will be in possession of an accurate database of all State-owned tertiary institutions’ staff. Over 1500 ad hoc and mainstream staff of all six tertiary institutions in Oyo State have been registered.
9  Deployment of high-speed connectivity solution (Installation of Fibre Optic Cable)  The goal is to provide dedicated wireless and wired connectivity in every Oyo State Government MDA office within the secretariat through the installation of fibre optic cables. Since the administration of Engr. Seyi Makinde is geared towards Business Process Automation, and E-Governance; this project therefore facilitates both internet and intranet connectivity for effective collaboration amongst staff and efficient use of all e-platforms amongst all MDAs in the secretariat.
10 Creation of Oyo State Job recruitment portal  The Oyo State job recruitment portal was developed to digitise all recruitment activities for the state and completely eliminate nepotism. The portal manages all stages of recruitments; application, CBT exams and interview scheduling. Over 216,873 applicants have been processed on the platform so far. There have been several recruitments on the Platform. They include Amotekun recruitment 2020, TESCOM recruitment, Civil Service Commission Recruitments, Hospital Management board Recruitment, etc. The job portal is robust enough to accommodate as many recruitments going on in the State as possible.
11  Pilot Phase of the Free Internet Provision for State-Owned Secondary Schools (Internet for Schools Initiative)  Oyo State Government has partnered with a leading internet service provider to provide free internet services for State-Owned Schools in Oyo State. A pilot session commenced and has been completed in a few State-owned schools.
12 Business Process Automation/Document Management System  This application is being developed to reduce the use of paper and to simplify and improve the workflow processes among MDA officials. It allows the Governor and other officials to access documents and approve/sign from anywhere in the world with their
mobile phones or laptops.
13 Oyo State Telemedicine Application  The Oyo State Government developed a telemedicine app that provides medical care remotely, usually through video chat and assessment questions. The platform Accesses whether or not the patient needs treatment in person, provide certain kinds of medical care, such as mental health treatment and assessments for minor infections, write or renew prescriptions and offer certain types of therapy, such as speech and physical therapy.
14 Oyo State Crime Alert Application  The Oyo State Government has developed a crime alert application for residents to use in the event of an emergency. Once a resident installs the application and registers, in the event of an emergency, the citizen clicks on the button provided to alert all the security agencies in charge for swift response.
15  Biometric Registration, Attendance Management System & ID Card for Civil Servants  Oyo State Government has successfully carried out a State-wide biometric registration for civil servants and staff of State-owned high institutions. An attendance management system was installed in all institutions to completely eliminate unseriousness and lackadaisical attitude, absenteeism and lateness to work amongst civil servants. This software will mandate all civil servants to clock in and out as they resume and close work daily. All civil servants will be issued a Smart ID card to further authenticate them.
16 The Oyo State Government Geographical Information Service (OYOGIS) OYOGIS covers all technical, natural and socio-economic aspects of Oyo State, with focus on the implementation of comprehensive digital mapping of Oyo State, central service agency and E-Payments services.
17 HR and Payroll Application  Oyo State has a platform that automates payment of salaries, pensions and gratuity of all civil servants and retirees.
18 SMS Notification System  It automates workflow processes by ensuring individuals who have undergone the COVID-19 tests are notified of their test results in a timely manner. Once test results are uploaded on the platform using the proper format, it automatically sends the results
to recipients and alerts the sender that it has done so for all categories of results: Negative, positive and pending.
19 e-Government Integration (State and Local Government)  The local Governments interface with the State Government through the Oyo State Government official web portal to access all intra-Governmental services including budgetary information of local governments, information on job vacancies, online forum of Local Government Chairmen with the State Executives.
20 Data Centre  Oyo State has established a state-of-the-art data centre to enable the consolidation of all its data across MDAs for effective data management, analysis and effective decision making.
21 Attendance Management Systems  Attendance Management Systems AMS supplied to all State-owned high institutions for clocking-in and out by staff.
22 CCTV Cameras across the State  The Oyo State Government has recognised the importance of Information Technology in ensuring a secured environment and so a Safe City project has been put in place which ensures surveillance in major cities in the State with a pilot phase in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. CCTV Cameras have been deployed with the control room manned by trained personnel.
23 Procurement and Supply of ICT Equipments  Computers systems, projectors, and printers have also been supplied to all State-owned primary, secondary and tertiary institutions
24 Signing into Smart States Initiative  Over 2000 Km of fibre ducts to being built for smart city initiative.
25 Oyo State Resident Registration  Oyo State Resident registration has begun in order to achieve a database of all residents in the State to provide social amenities easily, fight crime, have access to clusters in the State and for effective decision making.
26 e-Procurement Portal and OCDS Application: in line with efforts to digitise the procurement process in Oyo State, an online procurement platform has been established for executing various phases of the procurement cycle, including vendor registration.

The OCDS – – enables an efficient administration, operations and a transparent contracting process for all Projects within the State

27  Digitization of Oyo State Certificate of Occupancy (C Of O) Portal  The Oyo State Government has digitized the processing and collection of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) from any residence or land, so that it takes an average period of 60 days, under the Oyo State Home Owners Charters (OYHOC) Scheme.
28 Education Portal for Secondary School Students  The portal – – allows teachers login with their details to access their profile and to upload the list of students in their classes, as well as upload the results of students after exams. The portal also has a CBT section where students view exam past questions and practice ahead of their general exams and an E-library section where students are provided with lesson notes, text books on various subjects, etc., to download, read and prepare for exams.
29 Oyo State Telemedicine Application The Oyo State Government developed a telemedicine app that provides medical care remotely, usually through video chat and assessment questions. The platform Accesses whether or not the patient needs treatment in person, provide certain kinds of medical
care, such as mental health treatment and assessments for minor infections, write or renew prescriptions and offer certain types of therapy, such as speech and physical therapy.
30 Establishment of ICT Institutions  The State currently has well-equipped ICT Hubs situated in the heart of Ibadan city and in higher institutions. The Government in partnership with private organizations will train citizens on various digital skills and the students will participate in tech competitions. Some of the ICT institutions and CBT centres include: a. Seyi Makinde Innovation Tech Hub at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho b. Oyo State institute of Information Technology and Entrepreneurship, Ajia. ICT Institute and CBT centre established in State-owned institutions such as Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, the Polytechnic Ibadan, The Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, etc.
31 ICT Training for Government Officials a) Sequel to the acquisition of the State-Wide Digital productivity tools for Collaboration and Microsoft Licenses (Office 365), the State has conducted digital skills training for all civil servants and Political appointees. the training
sessions for all civil servants was conducted to enable the effective usage of the applications.
b) NDPR training for various MDA officials.


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Oyo Counters State Budget Transparency Survey Report

…says NGO’s conclusions false, state’s budget available online

The Oyo State Government has rejected a report launched by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the State Budget Transparency Survey report, which placed the state as the least performing state of the federation on the ladder of online availability of budget documents for the year 2020.

The State Government, which made its position known in a statement endorsed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, insisted that the state’s budget information was, indeed, published on the state’s website.

The statement noted that in line with the open and transparent Government being run by Governor ‘Seyi Makinde, the Ministry of Budget and Planning published the state’s budget information on

The statement, however, noted that the negative rating was due to the inability of the survey sponsors to access the website at the time of verification, adding that such a development should not amount to an indictment for the state.

According to the State Government, a researcher of the State Budget Transparency Survey, who was the link with the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning during the fieldwork for the survey, Mr. Olamide Ogunlade, had equally confirmed that he was able to access the Oyo State Budget Information on the state’s website.

It added that the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, NGF, and other transparency initiatives were able to access the state’s budget information easily, saying that the negative rating of the state was not a true representation.

The statement read: “The recent report of the State Budget Transparency Survey placed Oyo State as the least performing State on the ladder of online availability of Budget Documents for the Year 2020. The report claimed that none of the links worked. (Page 24 of the report)

“In a similar vein, it was reported on page 32 of the same report that only Oyo State did not publish the approved estimates.

“Thus, the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning engaged with the researcher who was  the link with the ministry in the course of fieldwork, namely Mr. Olamide Ogunlade. Mr. Ogunlade, during a telephone conversation, confirmed that he was able to access Oyo State Budget information on the state’s website and that he also collected hard copies of the Budget documents.

“However, if his superiors were unable to access the website during verification, that should not amount to an indictment on the state. What we expect is that they further crosscheck to ensure they get the true situation of things.

“Therefore, the rating of the state as the least performing state on online availability of budget documents for 2020 cannot be the correct picture of things.

“It is to be placed on record that Oyo State accessed some grants under the Disbursement Link related to Budget Transparency in the World Bank’s State Fiscal Transparency Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) program. Also, the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and other transparency initiatives have easily accessed the State Budget information without hindrance.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the links to the details of Oyo State Budget information are listed below for reference purpose:”


Taiwo Adisa

Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

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The Oyo State Government in partnership with ipNX, one of the foremost internet service providers in Nigeria; has successfully commissioned the “Oyo State Internet for Schools initiative”.  The commissioning took place on the 8th of October, 2020. The goal of this initiative is to make internet connectivity available to all the State-owned schools to facilitate e-learning, enable fast communication and collaboration for students and teachers of these schools.

The internet facilities were installed in two State-owned schools: Bishop Philips Academy, and Government College, Apata. These two schools were selected as the pilot phase of the program, while plans to expand to other schools in the State are in place.

The event which held at Government College Ibadan, commenced at 12pm prompt. In attendance were the Oyo State Chief of Staff; Chief Bisi Ilaka, the Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Barrister Sunkanmi Olaleye; the Special Assistant on ICT and E-Governance, Mr. Adebayo Akande; the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Alhaja Atere Aminat Bamidele, the Group Executive Director, HR & Corporate Services, ipNX, Folashade Efiong-Bassey; and other representatives of ipNX, as well as Principals and students of the two schools.

The Chief of Staff spoke about the rich history that exists in both schools and how they were perfect for the pilot phase of the program.

The Commissioner for Education reaffirmed the commitment of the Engr. Seyi Makinde’s led administration in ensuring that education is not only delivered within the shores of the classroom but also at home or anywhere else. He stated that the goal is to provide an avenue whereby students at home can watch their teachers teach and assignments can be submitted, and marked by the teachers, with the results and corrections returned to the students on the virtual platforms with the aid of the internet.

The Special Assistant to the Governor on ICT & E-Governance, Mr. Adebayo Akande in his brief remarks announced that the free internet service facility provided in the two schools will expand to other State-owned schools within a short time. The free internet bandwidth provided is up to 10mbps and will last for a period of 5 years. He concluded by urging the students of the two schools to put the internet provided to good use.

According to Group Executive Director, HR & Corporate Services, ipNX, Folashade Efiong-Bassey, “With ipNX’s superior broadband infrastructure, we are providing Oyo State public secondary schools within our path of fibre coverage, with free high-speed internet connectivity to enable thousands of students and teachers appropriate the benefits of technology in the classroom”. She further stated that, “We believe this will facilitate the goals of the State in improving the education, science and technology sectors, which is a vision of the administration of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde.  Moreover, this initiative complements the recent Federal Government’s intention to implement Zero-rating for education websites as part of efforts to ameliorate the impact of Covid-19 on Nigeria’s education sector.”

The principal of the Government College, Ibadan, Mr. Adewale Oluwole in his welcome address mentioned that the benefits of the internet cannot be over-emphasized, as students and teachers will now have access to current information in text, audio, graphics and video forms on all topics from experts across the globe.

During his closing remarks Mr. Akinwale Akinlolu, the Principal of Bishop Phillips Academy, Monatan, Ibadan, thanked the Oyo State Government and the partnering organisation- ipNX for the project and reiterated that the internet provided came at a time when it was highly needed, and will therefore be used for good.

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